Elturgard was a theocracy in the Western Heartlands ruled by paladins of Torm in the 15th century DR.[2]


Elturgard was first formed by the paladins and clerics of the city of Elturel after the Spellplague in 1385 DR. It was the first nation to have grown in the Western Heartlands. It encompassed much of the middle Heartlands and took up the region in the Fields of the Dead that was not already incorporated into the booming city-state of Baldur's Gate, an ally of Elturgard.[3]

In 1437 DR, an Amnian spy was returning to Amn with valuable information about the nation of Elturgard; he was kidnapped and rescued by Flaming Fist recruits and the information reached Amn. However, an unethical merchant consortium in Baldur's Gate called the Twilight Brotherhood also gained the information. With a deva from Elturgard, the recruits once again handled this and became part of the Flaming Fists.[citation needed]


About half of the Fields of the Dead belonged to the nation of Elturgard, as the metropolis of Baldur's Gate grew so massively that it encompassed half of the Fields. Both used it for farming.[citation needed]


  • Elturel: The city that formed the nation of Elturgard.
  • Triel: A village that willingly joined Elturgard.
  • Scornubel: Another city that willingly joined Elturgard.
  • Berdusk: Another city that willingly joined Elturgard.
  • Soubar: A small walled town housing the ruins of the Black Abbey, a monastery of Bane.
  • Iriaebor: Independent city-state influenced by Elturgard.



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