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Elven chainmail, also known as elven chain, was a type of chainmail that was created by the elves of Faerûn.[1][2]


This armor was of the finest elven craftsmanship, just as resilient as it was delicate and beautifully designed. Elven chain was so finely wrought that it could be worn under regular clothing without being readily noticed. They were commonly crafted from mithral links,[3] and could be enchanted in the same manner as any other suit of armor.[1]

The links of the armor were often inscribed with tiny runes or characters of the elven language that recited elven prayers, quotations and even magical invocations.[4]


Elven chain did not hamper the spellcasting abilities of wizards and sorcerers nor the stealthy movements of rogues,[1] and could even be worn by those who were not proficient with the use of certain armor.[2]



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