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Dualists, commonly known as elven dualists despite the fact that in the time of Myth Drannor a few gnomes became nelluonkkar, were specialist wizards who hailed from the ancient elven nations.[1]


In the time of Myth Drannor, the theory of magic revolved around fixed circular relationships between the eight schools of magic; arcane wizardly specialists would sacrifice the school or schools that opposed their own and focus primarily on their specialty school with minor interest in the other, non-opposed, schools. The elven dualists were the first to challenge this notion. The dualists would specialize exclusively in the two "opposing" schools of the prevailing theory, to the exclusion of all other schools of magic (with the exception of minor divination and universal spells).[1]


Elven dualists were found in the following nations and times, but not before the founding of that particular nation[2]:


The titles of the four different dualist schools derived from Auld Dwarvish:[1]