Elverquisst was a variety of elven spirit.[1]


Elverquisst was ruby colored, "distilled from sunshine and rare summer fruits." It was smooth but flecked with gold. It was generally stored in bottles made of transparent crystal, capable of absorbing light. Upon speaking a specific phrase in Elvish, the light gathered into thirteen distinct points that resembled the constellation Correlian.[1]

The rare fruits that were used in making elverquisst were orosks and resmers. As of the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, these plants only grew in Evereska and a few other isolated valleys around Faerûn.[2]

Elverquisst was highly prized by elves, especially in autumn. A ritual was involved in drinking Elverquisst. The ritual involved a chant, pouring the liquid into a goblet, swirling it around, sharing it with others, and offering a ritual bow of the head in thanks.[1]


The House of Good Spirits was one of the few places in Waterdeep where one could obtain elverquisst.[3] It was also available in Elturel's famous tavern A Pair of Black Antlers, where it was the most expensive drink on offer.[4]


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