Elversult (pronounced: /ˈɛlvɛrsəltEL-ver-suhlt[2]) was a rich community on the south side of the Dragonmere at the junction of many trade roads, including one of the main routes between the Sea of Fallen Stars and the Sword Coast. Although not a port itself, the city kept its warehouses full of trade goods. It also hosted the most famous Shou Town.[citation needed]

The combination of being a relatively new city and having enjoyed strong leadership throughout its history lead to the preservation of the wooded glades and knolls which were scattered through the city, along with the spring fed ponds which lay amongst them. A rocky tor known as Temple Hill in the centre of Elversult overlooked the city environs, which lacking walls sprawled beyond the woodlands. The upper classes tended to live to the north, or the west around the 'Ladytower's Lands' (so named for what the locals often call Moonstorm House), while the poorer areas and warehouses tended to the south and east. Plenty of caravan paddocks and stockyards could be found on the outskirts of the city.[3]


A map of Elversult in 1358 DR.

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