Elveswatch was a small city located in the Forests of Amtar in Dambrath.[1]


The city was located along the southeastern fringes of the great forest. Elveswatch experienced more rainfall than any other settlement in Dambrath.[1]


Most of the famed bluewood of Amtar moved through Elveswatch on its way to the rest of Dambrath.[1]

The people of the city had to remain vigilant for the attacks from the elves who lived in the forest. The elves hoped that their attacks would dissuade deforestation, but the attacks did not hinder the bluewood enterprise.[1]

Armed ForcesEdit

Elveswatch boasted a fighting force of 1,000 infantrymen, 500 cavalry, and 500 gnoll mercenaries.[1]


Five thousand transients populated Elveswatch. The chance of killing surface elves brought many drow to the city, more so than any other city in Dambrath. Because of this, Lolth, and not Loviatar had the primary temple within the city.[1]