Elwin was a pirate hailing from the Sword Coast who settled into a well-paid job in Thay's citrus orchards as a sentry and a slave trader in the mid–14th century DR.[1] His name meant "friend to the elves".[2]


Like many people in Thay, Elwin's head was clean-shaven.[3] His teeth were broken and his chin was scarred, showing his rough past.[2]


Elwin was a cruel and selfish man. After being charmed he showed affection towards Brenna and her companions, even though he wouldn't have hesitated to sell them into slavery beforehand.[4]

The pirate did have a softer side to him: one of the small pleasures in life for him was watching the fyreflies in the orchards at night.[5]


He wore his two daggers on a strap around his chest.[6]


Elwin was born on the Sword Coast. He spent his life on a pirate ship until a few years prior to 1362 DR, when Elwin's ship started selling slaves for Thay. Elwin decided to stay in Thay, having been seduced by the easy life, pay, and labor in the orchards, while doing some slave trading on the side.[2]

In 1362 DR, Elwin oversaw a Thayan citrus orchard's orc sentries. His patrol came across Harper agents Brenna Graycloak, Galvin, and Wynter. Following a short scuffle, the orcs were restrained by Galvin's entangle spell, and Elwin himself was mesmerized into being the Harpers' guide to Amruthar by Brenna's charm spell.[1]

The charmed slaver's help did not last though. Later the same night, he brought the Harpers to a small thickly wooded area behind an abandoned barn. The structure stood a few miles away from the orchard, giving them some privacy.[5] Shortly after, the group was ambushed by ghouls in the night. The Harpers survived, but Elwin did not fare well against the terrifying undead. He likely later came back to life as one of the ghouls.[7]




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