Emerald golems were beautiful gemstone golems made from emeralds.[1]


A typical emerald golem resembled a heavily muscled human standing 9 feet (2.7 meters) tall and could easily weigh thousands of pounds. Their surface glittered when light hit the emeralds used for their construction.[1]


Magical weapons were needed to cause harm to an emerald golem. They possessed considerable immunity to any nature-based magic, making them particularly dangerous when facing witches of Rashemen. Emerald golems were completely immune to harm from acid or heat-based attacks and were partially resistant to electricity.[1]

Emerald golems attacked with their fists, striking with the force of a fire giant.[1]

Several times per day an emerald golem could release a green lightning bolt at enemies. The golem could also release a cloud of gas similar to the cloudkill spell once per day.[1]

A shatter spell cast upon an emerald golem caused them physical harm. Crystalbrittle removed their resistance to magic and allowed weaker magical weapons to penetrate their gemstone hide. A mending spell would partially heal an emerald golem while a glassteel spell would fully heal them.[1]

Emerald golems were formidable opponents in battle. The easiest way to combat them was to disrupt the circle of wizards that controlled them. Any disruption to the circle caused the emerald golem to wander aimlessly.[1]


Emerald golems were used by the Red Wizards of Thay. A circle of at least a dozen wizards, led by a superior, was needed to control them.[1]


An emerald golem would collapse into a pile of rough cut emeralds and powder when slain. The gems were quite valuable and the powder could be used by wizards for spell components.[1]



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