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House Emmarask was a noble house of Cormyr. The family had a long tradition of service to the Crown and was known for using its power fairly.[1][2]


  • Alaphondar, Sage Most Learned of the Royal Court
  • Albryn Emmarask, Knight Royal of Cormyr[3]
  • Dier Emmarask, Alaphondar's assistant and protégé[2]
  • Elmariel Emmarask
  • Ensrin Emmarask[4]
  • High Namer Wyndel SedranisOghman high priest in Suzail[1]
  • Immaril Emmarask, cousin of Ensrin[5]
  • Lord Waylan Emmarask, head of the house, husband of Lady Zara[6]
  • Lady Zara Emmarask, wife of Lord Waylan[6]
  • Rhiindaerth Emmarask[citation needed]
  • Roland Emmarask[3]


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