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Emmeric was a human adventurer who joined the group of heroes assembled by Elminster Aumar to journey into the ruins of Myth Drannor in leu of the mysterious resurgence of the pool of radiance in Phlan in 1369 DR.[1]

I admit, I was no match for any in Athan's band when I slipped into their midst. Elminster laughed that I made bold to join them on so dire journey. But my arm has been the end of many a foul creature since then. And my peacock's pride, reborn as watchfulness.
— Emmeric[1]


Emmeric was young, heroic to a fault, and lacked experience. He did prove himself as an asset after lying and bluffing his way into the expedition's ranks. He was a talented fighter who learned fast and was courageous. Watchfulness was a quality he developed after having to fend for his life against the dangers of the ruined city.[1]


Once captured by the Cult of the Dragon, the only item in Emmeric's possession was a dagger.[1]


In 1369 DR, Emmeric was a simple fighter from Phlan who was naive and reckless enough to sneak into the midst of the expedition assembled by Elminster Aumar to investigate the pool of radiance's reappearance under the city, draining the life-force of the inhabitants of New Phlan. Similar pools appeared in other cities across the Moonsea region and Elminster was able to pinpoint the center of the magics that reawakened them to Myth Drannor. The expedition was helmed by the hero Athan and together they encountered the deadly opposition in the ruined elven city. The Cult of the Dragon ambushed the expedition soon after their arrival, the joined forces of dragonkin, "scarred" cultists, and a red dragon dracolich Pelendralaar decimated the party. Athan was knocked out by a sleep spell and dragged away by the flying bests and Emmeric woke up after being hit by the spell in a cult's wizards personal torture chambers.[1]

Some time later, the party of adventures that was put in charge of guarding the pool of radiance in Phlan followed in the expedition's path when they were alarmed by the sounds of struggle and screams that reached them through the gate by the pool. Eventually that party, known as the Veiled Ones, met up with the few survivors of Athan's party and encountered Emmeric as he was tortured by the cultists deep in the Halls of Stone in Dwarves Dungeons under the ruins of Myth Drannor. Searching revenge, finding his party's leader, and completing the hero quest, the fighter gained forces with the adventurers from Phlan to stop the Cult of the Dragon's corruption of the mythal.[1]



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