Empires of the Sands is a sourcebook for the 1st-edition of Dungeons & Dragons in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, published in 1988. It details the Lands of Intrigue: Amn, Calimshan, and Tethyr.

In the southwest corner of Faerûn, a thousand miles south of Waterdeep on the great Trade Way road, lie the three lands known collectively as the Empires of the Sands. They are harsh lands that have produced tough people—proud, fierce, and hard-working. The Empires Of The Sands are now fully detailed for your role-playing campaign. The cultures, personalities, economies, cities, towns and wilderness are described for an AD&D® campaign of any size or level. Amn, land of merchants, where everything has a price; Tethyr, where petty tyrants vie for a vacant throne and evil grows; and Calimshan, a dry land where great magic is commonplace—all are waiting for you. This sourcebook includes two full-color maps showing the Empires of the Sands that link up with the original FORGOTTEN REALMS™ boxed set, and all the information you need to establish an exciting campaign.[2]



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