The Empty-Scabbard Killers, or Forak-Erach-Naek in an obscure dwarvish dialect, were a legendary order of duergar psionic assassins in Gracklstugh, whom common people believed to be mythical.[1][2][3] They were one of the most feared groups in the Underdark.[1] They practiced disciplines unknown to even the savviest derro or the wisest priest. More than a myth, these killers had been plying their trade for centuries, their motives unknown and their methods inscrutable.[3]


Members were often assassins and soulknives,[1][2] who could manifest a blade of psychic energy,[4] hence the name "empty scabbard".[1]


Empty-Scabbard Killers patrolled the streets of Gracklstugh searching for psionically gifted children to abduct and train. They even recruited gifted calassabrak (a kind of duergar outlaw shunned by other duergar).[3]

They usually conducted deadly missions for a select few personalities of the city,[3] such as Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V.[5] However, they would work and kill for anyone who had the gold.[1]


The headquarters of the Forak-Erach-Naek was a well-guarded secret. However, those who would hire them knew they could get in contact with one of the killers in the Cave of Twelve Teeth, which stood by the edge of the Darklake just outside Gracklstugh.[1] They were possibly based near the Darklake.[2]


The Empty-Scabbard Killers were already notorious by 1373 DR. By then, they'd recently extended their services to kidnapping for ransom.[1]

Around 1374 DR, the Forak-Erach-Naek attempted to assassinate Urdol, the aboleth ruler of Dupapn. They failed, and Urdol declared war on the Forak-Erach-Naek in retaliation, and situation that would quickly and almost certainly erupt into chaos.[2]

During the Rage of Demons conflict of 1486 DR, they—for unknown reasons—targeted the merchant Werz Saltbaron.[6]


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