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Empyreans were the children of deities from the Upper Planes.[1]


Empyreans were the universal manifestation of beauty. They had a statuesque appearance and never aged.[1]


Creatures of strong emotions, empyreans were capable of altering their surroundings according to their moods. The environment around an empyrean physically manifested the empyrean's emotions. Wilting flowers, salt-water rains, even dying animals and trees might reflect an empyrean's negative emotions, while radiant sunlight, bird song, and playful small animals would manifest around a happy empyrean.[1]

As children of the Upper Planes, most empyreans were usually benevolent creatures. However, if an empyrean became corrupted by the Lower Planes or suffered a curse from an evil deity and turned to evil, it could no longer live in its home plane and had to retreat to the Prime Material plane.[1]


As un-aging creatures of immense powers, empyreans did not contemplate their own mortality and recklessly charged into battle even if at the brink of being slain. They could do devastating earth-shaking damage with their weapons and bolts of pure energy, and could considerably bolster their allies, amplifying their abilities and resistance to magic effects. Empyreans could also innately cast a number of spells, such as commune, dispel evil and good, earthquake, fire storm, greater restoration, pass without trace, plane shift, water breathing, and water walk.[1]


An empyrean who was slain in battle was typically resurrected by one of its parents in its home plane. The only exception was when the empyrean's parents had a reason not to revive their child.[1]

Notable Empyreans[]

Nalkara was the empyrean daughter of Auril and Thrym. She owed a favor to Halaster Blackcloak in the late 15th century DR.[2]

Uldrak was a servant of the god Surtur who quested to the Nine Hells to slay Tiamat for his deity. Instead of killing the goddess however, he was instead transformed into a Spinagon. [3]



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