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The Emveolstone (pronounced: /ɛmˈvilstnem-VEE-ohl-stohn[2]) family were members of the nobility of Waterdeep, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR. They dealt in goods made of iron and traded in novelty items and curiosities.[1][2][3]


In the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, the patriarch of the family was the 19-year-old Lylar Emveolstone II. He had already produced an heir, Alars, by his consort Dalene. The lord's brother, Challas was the designated regent if something were to happen to Lylar.[2][3]


The Emveolstones were prominent producers of ironmongery and had a lucrative business in trading unusual objects and rare curios.[1][2][3]

Base of Operations[]

The Emveolstone family villa (labeled $6) circa 1372 DR.

The Emveolstone family villa was part of a spacious compound of two- and three-story buildings located in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep on the west side of the Street of the Singing Dolphin just north of its intersection with Ivory Street. To the west, across the Street of Whispers, were the Shrines of Nature. To the south, across Ivory Street was the Ilitul family villa.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

The Emveolstone family villa (outlined in red) circa 1492 DR.




The Emveolstone family was originally from Tethyr and they were ennobled in Waterdeep in the Year of Seven Trinkets, 1205 DR. They maintained close ties to Tethyr, in particular the marriage between Lord Ortaal Emveolstone and the Tethyrian Princess Cyralna, but lesser nobles of the family got embroiled in treachery, bringing shame and condemnation to the family and causing a rift between the Sword Coast nation and the City of Splendors.

In the Year of the Purple Toad, 1274 DR, Cyralna was due to give birth to her first child. Her brother, Prince Toram, two younger sisters, and five young nieces made the journey to Waterdeep to celebrate the happy occasion.[12] Ortaal's sister Evelyn found Toram to be a kindred spirit and they became lovers. She fanned the flames of his desire to become king of Tethyr and they plotted to remove other family members that could block Toram's succession. When Cyralna and the baby were tragically lost during childbirth, they convinced Ortaal's brother Kyvan that the two princesses that were Cyralna's midwives actually caused their deaths in order to remove potential rivals for the throne. Toram and Kyvan then acquired young mimics and placed them in the bedchambers of all seven princesses, killing all of them in one fell swoop.[13]

Lord Kyvan and Prince Toram were proven by investigators to be the culprits of this perfidy, but Evelyn managed to avoid being implicated. King Errilam I requested they be executed as traitors and the two men were drawn and quartered and their remains were left to rot on the gates of Waterdeep and Zazesspur respectively.[12] Lady Evelyn withdrew from society for many years but her enmity towards the royal House of Tethyr over the death of her beloved Toram only festered.[13] In the Year of the Roaring Horn, 1288 DR, Princess Shaerglynda, a niece of Toram, was in Waterdeep as part of a trade convoy.[12] Lady Evelyn hired an assassin to kill the princess and make it look like a robbery. She again escaped notice as the instigator, but she unwisely kept a signet ring while disposing the rest of the princess' jewelry through discrete contacts.[13]

In the Year of the Ormserpent, 1295 DR, Lady Evelyn hired a large group of mercenaries through multiple layers of intermediaries to ambush and slay King Jaszur of Tethyr, who was trying to rebuild a relationship with Open Lord Baeron of Waterdeep. The attack succeeded and Evelyn came into possession of the crown jewels and regalia of Tethyr. But this time, a captured brigand provided enough information to trace the jewels back to House Emveolstone and Evelyn was quietly arrested on strong suspicion. The signet ring proved she was involved in the death of Princess Shaerglynda, and further investigation finally brought to light much of her behind-the-scenes treachery over the previous two decades. The crown jewels were recovered and Lady Evelyn was beheaded in Castle Waterdeep, witnessed only by Lord Baeron and Lord Ortaal.[13]

Notable Members[]

  • Lylar Emveolstone I: Patriarch until the 1360s DR.[1]
  • Lylar Emveolstone II: Patriarch by 1367 DR[2] and until at least 1372 DR.[3]
  • Dalene Emveolstone: Consort of Lylar II.[2][3]
  • Alars Emveolstone: Son and heir of Lylar II and Dalene.[2][3]
  • Challas Emveolstone: Brother of Lylar I and regent for Alars.[2][3][note 1]
  • Ortaal Emveolstone: Patriarch in 1274 DR. Married to Princess Cyralna of Tethyr.[14]
  • Cyralna Emveolstone: Wife of Ortaal and princess of the royal family of Tethyr. Died in childbirth.[12]
  • Kyvan Emveolstone: Brother of Ortaal. Executed for treason against the royal House of Tethyr.[12]
  • Ammox Emveolstone: Brother of Ortaal.[13]
  • Evelyn Emveolstone: Sister of Ortaal. Beheaded for treason against the royal House of Tethyr.[13]



  1. The sources are ambiguous about which Lylar is Challas' brother, but it is assumed that Lylar II is the first-born son (who became the patriarch at 19 years of age), so a younger brother would not have been a fit regent for the infant Alars.


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