The Enchanter's Ecstasy was an inn in the town of Loudwater in the Savage Frontier, in operation in the 1360s DR.[1][2]


It lay on the north bank of the river through Loudwater, a short way west of its houses.[1]


It was a lodge constructed of fieldstone with a cedar roof.[1][2] It was surrounded by gardens full of stone gnomes.[1]


The inn was chock-full of cutesy decorations such as statuettes of smiling wizards and enchanted novelties like talking clocks that spoke the hour in fluting voices, doors that thanked people who opened them, and even illuminated chamberpots that could be used in the dark. The lobby housed a fountain with statues of mermaids holding fish that continually spouted cascades of water.[1][2]


The establishment was pleasant and practical but not especially interesting,[1][2] while the kitsch décor was to few people's taste. It was wearying to travelers, especially those of good taste.[1]


As the name suggested, the inn was decorated and enchanted by a whimsical mage, who'd mercifully left for other, unknown lands by 1366 DR before they could add more "delights".[1]

The inn was still in operation through 1370 DR.[2]