Energy aura (also known as elemental aura[2]) was a quality that could be applied to any weapon to let it inflict any kind of elemental energy on a strike.[1][2][3]


The weapon's surface appeared to shine with constantly changing colors. Occasionally, it glowed as if hot, grew a rime of frost, crackled with electricity, or exude acrid vapors.[3]


To apply the energy aura property when crafting a magical weapon, the caster must have five spells available: blindness/deafness, chill metal, flame blade, lightning bolt or shocking grasp, and Melf's acid arrow.[1][2][3]


It let the wielder add acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage to a normal attack, similar to flaming. They could change it whenever their wished, on command, once every several seconds. If this quality was applied to a ranged weapon, its effects applied to any ammunition the weapon used.[1][2][3]




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