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Energy drain was a necromancy spell that could temporarily or permanently drain life energy levels from a creature.[2][6][7][13] The older versions of this spell were the reverse of the necromantic restoration.[6][7][13]


The newer version of this spell was a ranged touch attack,[2] whereas the older versions required a successful melee touch attack.[6][7][13]

The newer spell by this name was an improved version of enervation which could drain up to twice the number of life energy levels from a target and, if this didn't slay the creature outright, wracked the target for a whole day with all the ills that negative energy could produce: health loss, weakness, clumsiness, dulled senses, loss of combat prowess, loss of higher level spells, and increased susceptibility to just about everything. After this twenty-four hour period of life suppression, the victim had a chance to shake off the effects by matching its fortitude against the power of the spell, one negative level at a time. For each contest that was successful, the effects were removed. For each struggle that was unsuccessful, the effects were removed but a life experience level was lost.[2] A restoration spell applied in a timely manner could restore one such loss. A greater restoration could restore all such losses.

The older spell was lower level and was essentially the reverse of the necromantic version of restoration. This energy drain mimicked the touch of a wight, specter, or vampire and drained only one life energy level. However, the loss was permanent unless soon restored by the reverse spell or something more powerful.[6][7][13]

If the newer spell was cast upon an undead creature, it gained a substantial amount of temporary health for one hour. It is unknown what effect the older energy drain spell had on undead, but it was likely something similar due to the use of negative energy.


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Volhm in −1965 DR and was originally called Volhm's drain.[1]


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