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Grand Duke Entar Silvershield was one of members of the reigning Council of Four in Baldur's Gate. He served during the mid–14th century DR.[1][2][6]


Entar had a distinct accent that was different from his fellow Baldurians.[7]

The duke lived in a grand estate,[8] located in the Manorborn district in the Upper City.[9]


Entar was husband to Brilla, and the father of Skie and Eddard.[5] Around this time he grew more worried about the well-being of his daughter Skie. She had run off with a bard named Eldoth Kron. The duke hired an agent by the name of Elkart to ensure her well-being.[8]


When the iron crisis threatened Baldur's Gate in the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Duke Silvershield and his family suffered great loss. His son Eddard was slain by bandits somewhere along the Coast Way.[5]

At the culmination of the crisis, the members of the Council of Four were put in grave danger. Duke Silvershield was was killed by the assassins Slythe and Krystin at the behest of the rising political star, Sarevok Anchev. While Sarevok was briefly able to take his seat at the council, he was ultimately defeated and slain himself.[8] Following Sarevok's defeat, Enter Silvershield was resurrected by Fenster and subsequently reinstated as Grand Duke.[3][4][note 1]

By Uktar of the same year, Duke Entar was back with the rest of the council, guiding the city through another crisis. The Shining Crusade emerged as a new threat to the Sword Coast. As the Grand Dukes dedicated 100 Flaming Fist soldiers to the Coalition army, Entar's daughter Skie attempted to secretly join their ranks. Fully aware of her actions, Duke Silvershield had his daughter looked after by the Flaming Fist corporal, Bence Duncan.[7]

Following the last battle of the War of the Shining Crusade at Dragonspear Castle, a horrific event occurred that shook Entar Silvershield to his core. A mysterious hooded figure murdered Skie in cold blood and framed the Hero of Dragonspear, Abdel Adrian for the crime. At Adrian's subsequent trial in Baldur's Gate, Duke Silvershield appeared in front of crowds enraged and utterly distraught over the loss of his other child.[7]



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  1. Both Power of Faerûn and The Grand History of the Realms refer to Duke Eltan as the one being killed and resurrected. Since Eltan is never killed in the Baldur's Gate video game, it is believed this was an error actually meant to refer to Entar.