Entar Silvershield was one of the Grand Dukes of the Council of Four that ruled the city of Baldur's Gate before the Spellplague.

In the Baldur's Gate computer game, Entar is the father of the NPC Skie Silvershield. He lives in an estate in north-western Baldur's Gate with his wife Brilla.

Near the end of the game Eltan is killed by the assassins Slythe and Krystin to enable Sarevok to get elected Grand Duke in his place. It is possible he was later resurrected and reinstated.[1]



  1. Both Power of Faerûn and The Grand History of the Realms refers to Duke Eltan as the one being resurrected, but since Eltan is never killed and Entar still is alive in 1372 DR this probably refers to Entar.




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