Entropomancers are spellcasters that plumbed the depths of divine power, to the point of gaining a most advanced attunement to the great nothingness they say lies at the center of the universe. These students use this connection to develop strange powers, sacrificing some of their normal studies which retards their progress as spellcasters. Any entropomancer would say their new abilities are well worth the cost.

Entropomancers can summon and control a small shard of absolute nothingness, harnessing its power for a variety of magical effects. Most revel in destruction for its own sake, but some take a more nuanced approach to their terrifying discoveries, trying to understand the power of entropy that it might someday be controlled or even reversed. Generally work in small groups or cabals, most entropomancers have patron deities of death, destruction or fate. There also exists cults that kidnap victims to be sacrificed to the Great Nothingness.

Entropomancer AbilitiesEdit

Shard of Entropy
Entropomancers can create a miniature shard of entropy, a chunk of absolute blackness. This shard lurches, jumps and bounces around the space where it is created, striking any creature who nears too close.
Entropic field
Centered upon themselves, entropomancers can create a field of invisible, entropic energy that causes all magical healing to fail. More experienced entropomancers can creates fields that becomes strong enough to warp the laws of probability and causes wounds created within it to bleed profusely.
Control Sphere
This ability allows entropomancers to have the ability to control a sphere of annihilation while being personally unaffected by it. High-level entropomancers are often obsessed with acquiring these spheres.


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