Entropy was a primordial,[1] who was for a time an aspect of Tiamat.[2]


When Ao banished the primordials to Abeir he imprisoned Entropy in the form of a sphere of annihilation and placed him on Toril as a warning to the gods that they faced annihilation if they did not behave.[1]

In 1346 DR, Entropy got a following in Chessenta when a sphere of annihilation appeared in House Karanok's torture chamber and annihilated the wizard they were torturing there. House Karanok started worshiping it and by 1370 DR, Tiamat took the aspect of Entropy and the sphere didn't only create five smaller ones, but actually started to grant spells.[2]

With Mystra's death and the subsequent Spellplague, Entropy was freed from his prison and grew stronger, threatening to devour the universe. He was worshiped in Chessenta by the Cult of Entropy and dwelt in the Maw of the God Swallower in southern Chessenta in 1479 DR.[1]

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  • Entropist: These clerics of Entropy specialized in the usage of spheres of annihilation.[3]


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