The Envy domain was a suite of spells that were granted by deities whose portfolios included jealousy and the desire for material things, fame, or abilities that belonged to others.[1][2]

Envy DeitiesEdit

BaneBeshabaCyricGargauthGarl GlittergoldHoarKiaransaleeKurtulmakLolthMaskSetSharessShargaasTalonaTharizdunUmberleeUrdlenVelsharoonVhaeraunWaukeen

Envy SpellsEdit

During the latter part of the Era of Upheaval, priests who chose this domain had access to the following spells as they grew stronger.[1][2] Novice spellcasters were able to use the disguise self, ray of enfeeblement, and touch of idiocy spells. Clerics of some experience could cast vampiric touch, crushing despair, and magic jar. Those that were masters of this domain had access to limited wish, simulacrum, and wish.

Other powersEdit

In addition, clerics of the Envy domain gained the gift of being a convincing liar and the ability to enhance their spells' strength that degraded other people's abilities or even sapped their vitality.[2][3]



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