Epic magic (also known as True Dweomer) is magic of "astonishing power".[1] Usually associated with ancient magical kingdoms, due to Mystra's Ban, items and places of epic magic can still be found. In D&D epic magic is usually considered to be spells of 10th level or higher.[1]

History of Epic MagicEdit

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Epic SpellsEdit

Spells over 9th level are considered High-level (in 1st and 2nd edition D&D) or Epic (in 3rd edition D&D).

High-level Spells before Karsus's Folly in -339 DREdit

High-level spells are spells that are over 9th level.

10th Level spellsEdit

11th Level spellsEdit

12th Level spellsEdit

Elven high magicEdit

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Epic Spells in 1374 DREdit

The following spells are known epic magic spells, as such are spells created after Karsus's Folly.[1] Some epic magic spells are known by the same name as the version of the high-level spell before Karsus's Folly.[1]

Recreation of high level spellsEdit

New epic spellsEdit

Spells after 1385 DREdit

After the Spellplague left magic permanently altered, it is not known if any high-level or epic spells have been created.[citation needed]



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