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Epic magic, also known as true dweomers[1] or high-level magic, was magic of incredible power. Usually associated with ancient magical kingdoms like Netheril, but became severly restricted in Mystra's Ban after Karsus's Folly in the Year of Sundered Webs, −339 DR, items and places of epic magic could still be found by the 14th century DR.[2][3][note 1]


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Known Epic Spells[]

High-Level Spells of Netheril[]

Spells of Cormanthyr[]

Epic Spells[]

The following spells known in the Realms were created after Karsus's Folly. Some were known by the same names as the Netherese high-level spells, or were recreations.[3]

Other Epic Spells[]

The presence of these spells in the Realms is unknown:

  • Animus blast[7]
  • Animus blizzard[7]
  • Contingent resurrection[7]
  • Create living vault[7]
  • Crown of vermin[7]
  • Damnation[7]
  • Demise unseen[7]
  • Dire winter[7]
  • Dragon knight[7]
  • Dragon strike[7]
  • Eclipse[7]
  • Eidolon[7]
  • Enslave[7]
  • Epic counterspell[7]
  • Epic mage armor[7]
  • Epic repulsion[7]
  • Epic spell Reflection[7]
  • Eternal freedom[7]
  • Greater spell resistance[7]
  • Greater ruin[7]
  • Hellball[7]
  • Kinetic control[7]
  • Let go of me[7]
  • Living lightning[7]
  • Lord of nightmares[7]
  • Mass frog[7]
  • Momento mori[7]
  • Mummy Dust[7]
  • Nailed to the Sky[7]
  • Origin of Species: Achaierai[7]
  • Peripety[7]
  • Pestilence[7]
  • Rain of fire[7]
  • Raise island[7]
  • Ruin[7]
  • Safe time[7]
  • Soul dominion[7]
  • Soul scry[7]
  • Spell worm[7]
  • Summon behemoth[7]
  • Superb dispelling[7]
  • Time duplicate[7]
  • Vengeful gaze of god[7]
  • Verdigris tsunami[7]



  1. In 1st and 2nd editions, spells of 10th level and higher are termed "high level", while in 3rd and v.3.5s, post-9th-level spells are termed as "epic magic". Lost Empires of Faerûn page 43 clarifies these as distinct concepts, but they are treated together here due to their high similarity and overlap.

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