The First Era of Skyfire Edit

The Era of Skyfire was a time in Faerûnian history when the efreeti Memnon and the djinni Calim brought their forces together against each other in twenty-two cataclysmic battles from −6500 DR to −6100 DR. Elven High Magic forcibly bound the two leaders and bound their elemental essences to the sky and earth respectively. The ongoing struggles of the two noble genies created the Calim Desert.[1]

The Second Era of Skyfire Edit

The hostilities between the two groups resumed as the High Magic ritual binding the two genies was unraveled by the Spellplague, and ended in 1450 DR when Calim and Memnon were mysteriously sent back to their home planes. This conflict was known as the Second Era of Skyfire by local sages.[2]




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