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Erael'len, so-named after the Aglarondan for Three Hearts,[2] was an artifact of the faithful of Silvanus.[1]


Erael'len was a latticework of wood, concealing three small pieces of petrified sap. Each piece of sap belonged to a different tree: oak, ash and thorn.[3][4]


Chereth had called on Erael'len to resurrect Kheil as Berun.[5][6] In his final confrontation with Chereth, Berun used Erael'len to heighten his senses and to protect himself against Chereth's magic. In turn, Chereth was able to use the artifact to shield himself from a stream of flames conjured through a planar portal.[7]

Chereth intended to use the artifact in a rite to induce a supervolcanic eruption in Sentinelspire, prompting mass die-offs of crops and thus civilization across Faerun; Talieth believed that the artifact could also be used in reverse to prevent such an eruption from ever coming to pass.[4] Lewan suspected that the artifact could only be called upon so long as one was in the wild.[8]


Chereth had originally acquired Erael'len from the Fortress of the Old Man around 1363 DR, while he was there as a guest; he fled with the artifact, prompting Alaodin, the Old Man of the Mountain, to send assassins after him.[1] He bestowed Erael'len upon Berun before returning for the Fortress of the Old Man around 1369 DR.[3] Chereth later sought it out as the Old Man of the Mountain in 1374 DR, prompting Talieth and Sauk to go after Berun to acquire it before the Old Man did.[2] The Erael'len was finally taken by Sauk and Talieth to a scry-proofed room in Sentinelspire by Tarsakh 17,[4] where Lewan attempted to unlock its powers without success.[8]

On the night of Tarsakh 25, 1374 DR, the Old Man of the Mountain finally tried to take Erael'len from Lewan by force after being rebuffed, but a recently arrived Berun thwarted him and then fought him to a standstill using the artifact.[1] Chereth eventually prevailed, but it was past the window of opportunity for his ritual to succeed.[7]