Ereshkigal, or the Iron Spires of Ereshkigal, was a ruined city found on the isle of Sahu in east Zakhara in the early 1400s DR.[note 1][1][2]


The ruins sat roughly 30 miles (48 km) north of Jinutt in the northwest part of the island. Ereshkigal was situated several miles inland, making it difficult to spot from the Crowded Sea.[1][2]


Hundreds of strange metal spires filled the ruins covering several square miles. The spires resembled giant mushrooms or other fungi. Of the completely intact spires that remained, all had several small orifices at the base that revealed a hollow interior bereft of any stairs. The spires had a single opening at their peak 120 ft (36 m) off the ground. Bizarre inscriptions could be found decorating the towers. A single spire in the middle of the ruins stood taller than all the rest.[2]


Contrary to popular belief, the treasures of Ereshkigal were not unguarded as the Iron Spires served as homes to large packs of ghouls and ghasts. Additionally, a powerful greater mummy could be found in the central spire.[2]


  1. The "Isle of the Necromancer Kings" is a mini-setting within the core source The Complete Book of Necromancers. It is not officially dated but linked to and set some forty years after the Al-Qadim setting, which itself is assumed to have 1367 DR as current date within this wiki.


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