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Erevan Ilesere (pronounced: /ˈɛərɛvɑːn ˈɪlɛsɪərAIR-eh-van ILL-eh-seer[8]) was the elven god of mischief and rogues. Having lost power in the Spellplague, he became an exarch of Corellon. His titles included the Trickster and the Chameleon.[11][6][5]


Erevan was a shapechanger and had numerous guises. As his avatar, Erevan would choose to appear as either an elf or a type of fey, usually a brownie, pixie, or sprite, of wildly different appearances and sizes. Regardless of what form he was in, Erevan always wore green somewhere on his body as a symbol of his love for the forests where fey and elves live.[11]


Erevan was an unpredictable, flighty, fun-loving god. He enjoyed causing harmless trouble and playing pranks above all else. He was seeming unable to stay still or focus on single task for any sizable period of time. Despite his fickle nature, Erevan was ferociously loyal to the Seldarine and protective of the sylvan races and elves when they are threatened. Erevan had no respect for those who relied on his help to solve all their problems. He instead favored those who relied on themselves and those who were underdogs.[11]


The Erevanian clerics dressed in black leather armor with leather caps, and never worshiped him in the same place twice.[11]

Holy Days and Rituals

Erevan's holy days were on the eclipses, and his faithful sacrificed stolen treasures to him whenever they felt it was appropriate.[12]

Worshipers of Erevan hosted a Midnight Gambol once a month under the light of a full moon. Though the location of each Midnight Gambol was a secret, it was always held in a sylvan glade. The precise location of the event was something followers of Erevan passed around by word of mouth leading up to the event, but anyone, faithful or otherwise, who learned of the event using their own wits were welcomed to join in on the festivities. Pixies, sprites, and other tricksters of the Seelie Court also participated in the celebration. Activities included dancing, storytelling, drinking wine, playing pranks, and sacrificing beautiful objects.[13]



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