Erian was a soldier in Caer Corwell.[2]


Erian was a huge man with strong corded muscles.[3]


As a veteran of Corwell's guards, Erian despised peacetime and enjoyed the thrill of battle.[2] Hard as nails, Erian was know for kicking dogs with his heavy boots.[5]


After arresting Daryth in 1345 DR[6], Erian entered the Festival of the Spring Equinox to drink Callidyrr mead at the tent of Geoffrey and met the lovely Meridith.[7]


Later that evening in 1345 DR, Erian laid down with Meridith, who was actually the Darkwalker Kazgoroth in disguise, and as their lips touched, the monster stole Erian's life energy and replaced it with an evil presence.[4]


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