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Eric[1] the Cavalier, was a companion of Elminster's apprentice, Presto, as well as an adventurer.[2]


A young Eric.

Eric came across as very pompous and sarcastic. In actual fact, the Cavalier actually cared a lot for his friends, and would occasionally show his true colors. He despised being mocked or laughed at by his peers, or others.[1] He did not seem to like wizards, stating that they often told lies to make themselves look more important.[2]

When grown up, the fighter looked rather different. Eric wore a light blue cloak over his dark brown clothing, in contrast to the yellow cuirass and red cloak that he wore when he was younger.[2]


Eric both fought, and defended himself and his companions, with a large griffon shield. He wore elven chain mail, a cloak of resistance, and gauntlets of ogre power +2. The Cavalier also carried a bag of holding.[1]


Eric was originally from Earth, but was later trapped in the Realm. Due to Eric's attitude, he made a fair amount of enemies in the Realm, but his true desire was to return home to Earth.[1]

In the mid–14th century DR, Eric and his friends visited the town of Shadowdale, in Faerûn. He encouraged Presto to confront Elminster, and made out as if his wizard friend was a coward.[2]

By 1369 DR, a store in Athkatla displayed memorial paintings of his two friends, Hank and Bobby (as well as Uni). The accompanying wording of the paintings stated that they were presumably slain by Tiamat.[3]



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