Erixitl was a young Maztican priestess of Qotal and the wife of the former Golden Legion officer Halloran.

History[edit | edit source]

At the age of 10, Erixitl was taken captive and held as a slave in the city of Kultaka. After being attacked by the son of her owner, Erixitl was sold to Kachin, a cleric of the god Qotal in Ulatos. Kachin freed Erixitl and told her she was to become a priestess. However, Erix was kidnapped by a priest of Zaltec and taken to be sacrificed at a pyramid on top of the Twin Visages. She managed to escape and the daughter of an Amnnian bishop of Helm was sacrificed in her place, which led to war between the Golden Legion and Ulatos. Erixitl was nearly killed during the battle between the Amnians and Ulatans but the Legionnaire Halloran rescued her.[1]

Halloran and Erixitl escaped into the jungle, eventually making their way to Nexal. Erixitl had visions of the destruction of Nexal and she wanted to do everything in her power to prevent this from happening. Erix and Halloran had a disagreement and Erix traveled back to her home village of Palul. She arrived just before the Golden Legion and she was pressed into service as a translator. Erixitl survived the massacre at Palul and was once again rescued by Hal, who had raced to Palul when he heard the Legion was heading to the village.

Hal was seriously injured by a fellow Legionnaire and Erix nursed him back to health. Hal and Erix were married by her father and he gave them both powerful feathermagic bracers as a wedding gift. Afterwards, the couple journeyed back to Nexal in a desperate attempt to prevent a war between the Golden Legion and Nexal.[2]

Physical description[edit | edit source]

Erixitl was described as a beautiful woman with brown skin and long black hair.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Erix wore a powerful feathermagic amulet made by her father that protected her from most magical attacks.[1] She also wore the Cloak of One Feather, which was a sign of her favor with Qotal.[2]

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