High Lord Erlan Duirsar,[3] also called Lord Duirsar[1] and "Watcher Over the Hills",[2] was the leader of the Hill Elders, the rulers of Evereska.[3]


He was short and thin and his face showed signs of age.[4]


High Lord Duirsar was a trusted, capable and decisive commander and leader for more than two centuries.[3]

Though he longed to protect Evereska from the outside world, since the phaerimm siege, High Lord Duirsar worked to move toward a more open relationship with the city's neighbors. He understood the true potential of the Netherese threat, respected the efforts to rebuild Myth Drannor, and embraced the end of the Retreat.[3]

Duirsar also commanded the Cold Hand—an elite military company composed of Evereska's finest warriors.[3]



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