Erlranther Alibakkar was the Meisarch, the highest-ranking member of the Council of Six, the government of Amn, circa the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


By the time he had reached his 50s Lord Erlranther had a slightly large belly. He still had muscled arms that had grown large when he was a younger man.[1]


In an argument, Erlranther would stare down upon his opponent and tense his muscles so that it appeared he was ready to fight.[1]


He had at least three younger brothers. The youngest of them was the rather lazy Lord Skarmaen of Trademeet.[2]


In his early years, Erlranther was originally a caravan organizer and a fighter. In the Year of the Striking Falcon, 1333 DR he entered the Council of Six as the lower-ranked Namarch, and gradually made his way up the ranks.[1] He ascended as Tessarch in the Year of the Saddle, 1345 DR. When survived the great schism left most of the council dead some 17 years later, Erlranther was able to ascended to the title of Meisarch.[3]



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