Born around 1340 DR, Errya Eltochulwas the youngest daughter of the Eltorchul noble family of Waterdeep.[1] She fled into Undermountain in disgrace around 1375 DR.[3]


In 1367 DR, Errya befriended Brandon Korelwyn, whom she used to gather information about rival politicians.[1]

After fleeing into Undermountain, in 1375 DR, Errya studied magic at the Halaster's Heirs magic academy.[3]

While living in Undermountain, Errya charmed the bard Ellithral and ordered him to direct all the adventurers attracted by the dying message of Halaster Blackcloak to a particular spot in the dungeon with the promise of a "post-earthquake" map of Undermountain. She would meet with these adventurers accompanied by her two bugbear bodyguards.[3]


Errya was a very self-centered individual. If she didn't get what she wanted or receive proper praise for her actions she would hold a grudge and would often extract an untraceable revenge against her offender. Her mother admired her ruthless aptitude, while her father was oblivious.[1]

Errya was obsessed with regaining the lost fortune of her family. Her demeanor was described as viper-like.[3]




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