Eshcaz the Red was a red dragon who lived on Tan, one of the Pirate Isles in the Sea of Fallen Stars.[1][2]


He was an enormous dragon of nearly 350 feet (107 meters) in length.[2]


A supremely confident dragon, Eshcaz showed subservience to none, and only acted when he had something to gain.[3]


Eshcaz made his lair in a deep crater on the central mountain of Tan. The smoke constantly billowing out of the crater, as well as the tremors from Eshcaz turning in his sleep, made the natives of Tan believe the mountain was a volcano.[2]


The red dragon had amassed a sizable fortune numbering in the hundreds of thousands of gold pieces, as well as many magical items.[2]


Eshcaz settled on Tan around the 4th century DR.[note 1]

In the Year of the Buckler, 1200 DR, Eshcaz fell into a deep slumber that would last over 150 years.[4] Around the Year of the Serpent, 1359 DR, the Cult of the Dragon learned of Eshcaz's location and began trying to gently wake him. They hoped to convince the dragon to let himself be transformed into a dracolich, granting the Cult power over the Sea of Fallen Stars.[2]

As of the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR, the Cult had succeeded in waking and allying with Eshcaz. He was slain shortly after in a battle between the Cult and the merfolk of Serôs.[3]



  1. Pirates of the Fallen Stars (p. 67), says Eshcaz had been living on Tan for "nearly a thousand years" as of 1359 DR.




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