Espar was a hamlet in Cormyr, located north of Waymoot. As of 1368 DR, it consisted of about 120 stone buildings. It was ruled at that time by Lord Hezom.[1]

Espar was a farming town with one inn: The Watchful Eye, and a small shrine to Helm, where Lord Hezom, a priest of Helm, took care of the ill and wounded, when necessary.[1] He was aided in this task by Gzelder Yespar, a reformed rogue. It was most notable for the swordcrafting of a local adventurer-turned-blacksmith named Quiral.[2]

In 1022 DR, Elminster Aumar was looking for a band of adventurers for the Harpers. He found the Wanderers of Espar, led by Finder Wyvernspur, in Espar.[3] The Knights of Myth Drannor also originated in Espar.[3]


In 1368 DR, Espar, along with Eveningstar, Tyrluk and Waymoot, was plagued by rogue dragons.[4]

Dove Falconhand temporarily moved to Espar with her husband, Florin Falconhand (who was born in Espar[5]), to bear her child.[6]


Animal pelts from the Thunder Peaks and the Storm Horns did very good business in Espar as of 1368 DR.[7]


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