Essembramaerytha was a song dragon who was known to non-dragons as the legendary adventuress Essembra, for whom the town in Battledale was named.[1]


In her human form, Essembra had red eyes and red hair.[1]


In 961 DR, Essembramaerytha was born in Battledale. At the time, the Dalelands were in a state of unrest and lawlessness, and when she grew up and was capable of defending herself, she quickly carved out a legendary reputation using her sword, her might, and her wit. Among her well-known deeds was when she spurned an elf lord's advances, wrestled and choked to death a dwarf king with her bare hands, and many other great tales. She was also known for having had multiple lovers.[1]

Although it was assumed for years that she was more than a mere human woman, her true song dragon nature was revealed when she fell in love with the silver dragon Teskulladar. After they married, Essembra left behind her worldly wealth and achievements and traveled together with her husband across the Dalelands for many years until the day both disappeared without a trace. There were many legends about what fate befell the two dragons, but the truth was that they simply retired to live in Evermeet.[1]


Due to her legendary adventures and her contributions to the peace of the Dalelands, the people of Battledale named the biggest town in the region "Essembra" in her honor. The statue to Aencar Burlisk was built on the site of her supposed birth.[1][3]

Essembramaerytha mothered several daughters in her life. After she disappeared, her daughters wanted to follow her example and began to have their own adventures and to help the people of the Dalelands.[1] Eventually, her granddaughter Anwae Mavin founded the Sisterhood of Essembra.[4]


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