Essylliss was a demigod of the lizardfolk with dominion over their race, but he was nearly forgotten by them. Essylliss was considered an aspect of the World Serpent.[1]


Following the creation of the lizardfolk race by the sarrukh,[2] the World Serpent worried they would be distracted by the call of the many other gods and that they needed a deity of their own. Thus he created an fragment of himself in the semblance of a lizardman, Essylliss.[1]

Worship of Essylliss survived the decline of sarrukh rule in Mhairshaulk for some two millennia, until around −31,500 DR. However, the divided factions of lizardfolk eventually began to worship Semuanya, another fragment of the World Serpent representing the instinct to survive.[1]

By the 14th century DR, almost no trace of Essylliss survived and only a small number of lizardfolk continued to worship him.[1] Among them was Kessessek, a low-placed lizardfolk of the Sharptooth tribe in the Vast Swamp and cleric of this nearly forgotten god. However, in the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, Kessessek proved himself by turning away undead Shadowscales and the leaderless Sharptooths elected him as their new chieftain.[3]


Essylliss's favored weapon was the club. Clerics of Essylliss who cast weapon of the deity received a +1 impact club.[1]



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