Estah was the halfling proprietor of the Sign of the Dreaming Dragon inn in Iriaebor in the mid–14th century DR. She was also part of the Fellowship of the Dreaming Dragon. She was a healer and a priest of Eldath.[1]


She had deep brown eyes, a broad, rosy-cheeked face, and she wore a gray homespun apron. She stood as high as Kellen Caldorien's shoulders.[2]


She owned a silver amulet that was engraved with the symbol of Eldath, given to her by her mother.[3]


She was a kind and joyous woman and never turned away someone in need.[1]


Estah was married to Jolle. They married a few years after the fellowship disbanded and they had two children. The eldest was their daughter Pog, who was mischievous and beautiful. Her younger brother Nog was a round-cheeked boy who spoke a language only his parents could understand. They stood up to Caledan Caldorien's knees.[4]


She originally hailed from Corm Orp.[5]

She purchased the inn in Iriaebor that became known as the Sign of the Dreaming Dragon in the 1350s DR.[6]

She met Caledan Caldorien when he passed through town on his first Harper mission and became close friends. She was the first one to join Caledan on his adventures.[7]




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