Estelar Sunweaver was an elf supremacist in Tethyr in 1370 DR.[2]


Estelar worked for the Serôs aquatic elf tyrant Gantar Kraok, acting as one of his agents on the surface.[2]


In 1370 DR, under the orders of Gantar and disguised thanks to his hat of disguise, Estelar followed the Company of the Anvil after they had recovered the Sondarr Scepter from a long-forgotten dwarven tomb in the Starspire Mountains.[1]

On Uktar 10, he was in the Blue Badger Inn in the village of Toralth. posing as the bard Fylson Tarasp.[1]

However in the inn were also the Shields of the Highland, depressed for the loss of two of their companions and demanded to Estelar to compose a dirge for their two fallen friends.[1]

Later that night, three dwarves, Bapar Ghalmrin, Odak Truesteel, and Soram Battlebellow, entered the tavern seeking the Sondarr Scepter and interrupting the ballad that Fylson was singing for Dumax. This greatly angered the Shields of the Highland. When Bramas Thorntree, another patron, accused some of the other patrons of stealing the Scepter, Timor, Karr, and Vajal got up from their chairs and began throwing their beer mugs and swinging their chairs. Timor's mug struck the dwarf leader Bapar, and a tavern brawl started when Soram stepped up to defend his prince. Bramas and his companions, the Company of the Anvil, used this as an opportunity to escape with the Scepter. Estelar found a nice, out-of-the-way spot and watched the brawl.[3]


Estelar strongly believed that elves must rule the world. He agreed with the Saratycoron's ideas but acted only after careful preparation. He became a master in using his hat of disguise, creating many personalities to interact with others.[4]