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Ethereal dragons, also known as moonstone dragons, were a species of planar dragon native to the Ethereal plane.[1]


Ethereal dragon scales had a brownish-gray iridescent coloration. Their claws and teeth were very thin and sharp as needles.[1]


As extremely inquisitive creatures, ethereal dragons enjoyed following and spying on Prime Material plane dwellers, while also looking for any objects in their possession that might interest them. Upon finding such an object, an ethereal dragon would visit the Material plane at a convenient time to steal it and return to its home plane as quickly as possible.[1]


An ethereal dragon's natural reaction when faced with combat was to flee, taking advantage of their expert ability to hide while in the Ethereal plane. However, if a fight was inevitable, the typical strategy adopted by ethereal dragons was to frustrate their opponents by using dimensional anchor to lock them in one plane, giving them time to flee, or by using their powerful breath weapon: a cone of force. Ethereal dragons' breath weapons, senses and many abilities extended to the Ethereal even if the dragon was in the Material plane. They could also interact with the two planes via abilities similar to the blink, ethereal jaunt, and etherealness spells.[1]

Sufficiently old and powerful ethereal dragons could summon ether cyclones, which were powerful enough to hurl their opponents into random locations within the Ethereal plane, into the Border Ethereal of any other plane, or even into the Astral Plane.[1][3]


In addition to their natural environment in the Ethereal plane, ethereal dragons were also commonly seen in the Dragon Eyrie.[2] They could be found alone or in families as they raised their young. Clutches of young ethereal dragons were also commonly found.[1]




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