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Euphoric imps were a specialized variety of imp.[1]


Euphoric imps were 2 feet (0.61 meters) and weighed only 10 lb (4,500 g). They were emaciated creatures, and had deep circles around bloodshot eyes. Euphoric imps were always covered in numerous partially healed puncture marks.[1]


Euphoric imps, like other imps, healed quickly and could see through darkness both natural and magical. They had a few innate spell-like abilities, allowing them to replicate the spells detect good, detect magic, and invisibility (on itself only) at will, and the spell major image once each day. Euphoric imps spoke the Celestial, Common, and Infernal languages.[1]

Euphoric imps typically relied on their venomous stinger in combat. Their venom was a potent, highly addictive hallucinogen. Euphoric imps were skilled alchemists.[1]


Euphoric imps enjoyed combat, but were shifty, feckless, and unreliable thanks to their fondness for their own venom.[1]


Euphoric imps were skilled alchemists, and they dispensed their addictive venom to various denizens of the Nine Hells.[1]

The spell summon monster IV could summon euphoric imps.[1]




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