Everdusk Hall, before being burnt to the ground, was one of the oldest and most revered temples within Silverymoon.[citation needed] It was a member of the Conclave of Silverymoon.[2]


The lower levels of this temple were decorated with many marble statues of the elven gods.[1]

In the upper levels of the diamond-shaped hall was a library that contained many shelves filled with tomes and scrolls, all written in the Elven tongue.[1]


Long a place of worship for the elves of Silverymoon, Everdusk Hall was sadly burnt down by a mysterious fire in 1347 DR. Despite attempts by nearby Spellguard to quell the flames, the building had to be rebuilt from scratch.[3]

In 1369 DR, Everdusk Hall was still being run by the venerated elven priest, Loremaster Elaith Waterstill.[1]

Sometime before 1372 DR, the new Loremaster in charge was Vadalathra Rivermantle.[2]





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