An Evereskan tomb guardian was a special prestige class for the elves of Evereska.[1]


To the elves of Evereska, nothing was more sacred than the bodies of the deceased and the countless tombs of great ancestors and heroes scattered around the region. Unfortunately, the tales of buried treasures and magic items attracted many adventurers and defilers, seeking to strip the tombs of their precious items. The tomb guardians took a special oath to protect these tombs and to track, punish, and even kill the defilers—even if they had to chase them to the ends of the world.[1]

Tombs east of Evereska, on the border of the Anauroch desert, were frequently patrolled by tomb guardians, as they were a regular target of human and humanoid tomb robbers. Some tombs belonged to hated long-dead elven families, but nonetheless the tomb guardians upheld their oaths to protect these burial places.[2]


Those who sought to become tomb guardians had to have some degree of arcane spellcasting capability, combat ability, and skills in tracking, stealth, and alertness. They were typically sorcerers who trained as a ranger or rogue.[1]


A tomb guardian continued to advance as an arcane spellcaster, and cultivated a wide range of skills related to their duty. They mostly studied the Western Heartlands around Evereska.

Sacred Duty
Thanks to the sacred nature of their mission, a beginner tomb guardian had an edge when it came to stalking their quarry within the borders of Evereska, whether by tracking, gaining information, or hunting them down. If inside a tomb itself, they became ever more fierce warriors.
Devoted Pursuit
A more experienced tomb guardian's retained their Sacred Duty edge even outside Evereska and its tombs, but only against tomb robbers.
An experienced tomb guardian excelled at dodging attacks.
Swift Tracking
A veteran tomb guardian could track any creature whilst moving at full speed across land.
Silent Guardian
A supreme tomb guardian could make himself the dedicated guardian of a certain area, becoming after ten minutes so attuned that they were much more alert and stealthy within 100 feet (30 meters).[1]

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