The Evermoors, or Trollmoors, was a region of bog-pocketed hills, long rolling vistas, rocky ridges, and small peaks hiding deposits of valuable ore. It was located along the western edge of the Silver Marches.


The Evermoors were bound by the River Surbrin and the Lower Rauvin Vale to the north, the River Surbrin and the Surbrin Hills to the west, and the Silverwood to the east. To the south and east was open land and the High Forest. The river Laughingflow originated deep within the Evermoors, meeting the River Surbrin after it passed though the Surbrin Hills. Evermoor Way, the major route from Yartar to Everlund, passed between the Evermoors and the High Forest.


The moors were formed by large rocky plateaus, here and there interspersed by very steep small gorges dug by the water. Though if tors and rocky outcrop were visible everywhere, most of the area was covered with a thin layer of soil. The landscape was sterile, ventilated and full of grassy wavy hills. Shifting sands surrounded by a plenty of rare plants were formed in the depth of the region. The moors was full of burial mounds belonging to both dwarves and Netherese humans. The tombs of the moors were constituted by deep pits in which were deposited the remains covered by large plate of stone. In the course of the years, the tombs of the place have given up many wands and magic staff; long time ago, magic rings were so commons that they used to wash down the Laughingflow during the floods.[3]


This region was infamous for its troll population. However, recent history (Present Age) changed the face of the Evermoors. Humans in general had not bothered to tame this land, seeing is useful only for grazing of sheep or rothé and prospecting, both of which were usually stopped by the trolls. Around 1372 DR, giants came from the north and began pushing the trolls out of the Evermoors, much to the distress of surrounding countryside.

Notable locationsEdit

Both of these tors were visible at a distance on the Evermoors, and were used by the inhabitants to guide themselves around the trackless moors:

The Old Man 
Located in the western area (almost south of Nesmé) of the Evermoors, this large tor looked like an old man's face
Located in the northeastern area of the Evermoors, this large tor was starshaped.
Located just on the northwest edge of the Evermoors along the River Surbrin, this frontier trading town was often beset with trolls and bog blokes.[2]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

Gerti Orelsdottr
A frost giant princess and daughter of Orel the Greyhand.
A troll who united those of the moors and invaded Nesmé.






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