Evithyan's Blade was a +3 longsword that had a long history of slaying drow elves.[1]


This elven sword was fashioned from well-balanced steel, with a hilt of mithril beset with a small emerald.[1]

The sword could be duplicated through magical crafting using a Mordenkainen's sword spell.[2]


This +3 longsword was especially potent against the drow: it worked like a +5 longsword against them, and could even drain the life force from them.[2] It was so well known for slaying their kin that it often shook the resolve of any dark elves that saw it drawn in combat.[1]


This blade was believed to be forged by, and named after, the supremely skilled, elven warrior-wizard of Myth Drannor, some time during the 4th century DR. He wielded it in his battles against the drow of the Underdark and, before taking voyage to the isle of Evermeet, passed it to his apprentice Calthalyon. Like his mentor, the young elf expertly bore the blade in great battles and passed it to another. This tradition continued for several centuries until one of these stewards of the sword unexpectedly died and Evithyan's Blade was lost for centuries.[1]

It turned up, albeit very briefly, in the last years of the 13th century DR, in the possession of a novice thief, before going missing once again.[1]



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