Extract water elemental was a brutal and efficient way to summon an ally in a region without water.[1]


The mage needed an unhappy creature of flesh and blood. If the mage then used the spell upon the living being, it would extract the body fluids, and if the creature was slain by this, those fluids would reform into a water elemental of similar size and weight. The elemental could be summoned for a minute under the total control of the spellcaster. The only beings immune to the spell were such of the fire subtype.[1]


The spell needs a somatic and verbal component.[2]


The mage Akhlaur used a much stronger version of this spell when he was brought back to Faerûn by the elf, Kiva. He extracted one huge water elemental out of the body of many soldiers of the army of Mulhorand and Halruaa to destroy the Mulhorandi. When the elemental tried to destroy the Halruaans they killed it with the might of their gathered wizards and mages.[3]


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