An eye of flame was an unusually docile form of beholder. While still malevolent, eyes of flame were willing to serve beneath more powerful beholders.[1]


Eyes of flame were visually akin to normal beholders.[1]


The eye of flame's central eye rendered those caught within its gaze vulnerable to fire and prone to catching fire. Unlike normal beholders, they had only three eye ray types, despite possessing ten stalks. They could only fire two rays at once and had to use their fire rays while they attacked, although this was usually not a problem. Besides a heat ray, they also possessed the beholder's fear and telekinetic rays. When sustaining serious damage or after death, the inner fire of an eye of flame erupted in dangerous bursts, damaging those around it. When fighting, eyes of flames would float behind groups of servant brute warriors using its eye blasts, rather than fight foes directly.[1]


Eyes of flame were distinct from other beholders in that they lacked the extreme arrogance and egotistical attitude that held regular beholders back. They would willingly cooperate with each other and also submit to the orders of other beholders with less resistance.[1]




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