A faerie dragon was a mischievous branch of the dragon family tree.[3]

Physical descriptionEdit

Faerie dragons were extremely small in comparison to their large metallic dragon, or chromatic dragon cousins, only about the size of a cat.[1] They had iridescent scales that reflected all colors of the rainbow, but whose predominant colors changed as they aged.[1] They had platinum colored butterfly-like wings and a long, prehensile tail.[3]


A faerie dragon preferred to deal with enemies from a distance. They used their magical abilities to confuse and bewilder foes. They rarely fought alone and often called upon allies in a fight. They would enter melee only if seriously pressed. Some faerie dragons had the ability to shift in and out of existence to avoid danger, although this ability was not always successful, and the dragon still suffered harm.[3]

Like all dragons, they had the tendency to be pranksters, although they took it to a whole new level. They were often referred to as the pranksters of the wild.[3]

Breath weaponEdit

The faerie dragon's breath weapon was a cone of euphoria gas.[3]


Like true dragons, faerie dragons grew more powerful with age, but matured much more quickly. As they aged, their predominant colors changed, running the colors of the rainbow. Therefore, a newly hatched faerie dragon was red and a fully mature one (over 50 years old) was violet.[1]


They normally traveled in groups and were seen with faeries, pixies, and sprites. Faerie dragons build their lairs out of spider silk, dry grass and leaves, and twigs and small sticks within the branches of the trees or make their lairs out of the hollows of the trees[3]


They ate mostly small bugs that they could catch in the air, within the trees and bushes, and on the ground, and they also fed on berries and nectar.[3]

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