The Great Queens of Tethyr ruled well from that castle, and I would see it become a castle again.
  — Queen Zaranda Star when declaring her intent to rule and make Darromar her capital.[1]

The Royal Palace of Faerntarn (formerly Gallowglass Hall) was the royal palace of Tethyr after the Reclamation Wars.[2]


The palace was built upon the Ithal Crag within the Royal Quarter of the capital city of Darromar. Sitting atop the hill, Faerntarn afforded a view of the whole city.[2]


The palace complex was composed of a main keep, a garrison building, and assorted other buildings all within a granite curtain wall.[2]


The castle was entered through a barbican gate with three portcullises. The towered walls provided defense, and each building contained additional protections as well.[2]

The knightly order known as the Warriors of the Star, many of whom were formerly members of Star Protective Services, defended the palace. Their barracks were in the South Tower of the castle.[3]


The garrison building provided housing for the royal guards and court staff. The original castle structure included 70 rooms, and these were used by the royal family, their direct advisers, and closest friends.[2]


Construction on the original castle was begun in the Year of the Hunted Elk (841 DR) and completed two years later in the Year of Amber. It was originally built as a residence for the in-laws of Queen Alisande.[2]

In 1264 DR, tombs within the palace were robbed, but the building was not further harmed.[2]

During the Ten Black Days of Eleint in 1347 DR, the palace was razed and looted for being the residence of former royalty.[2]

In 1349 DR, the building was restored by the Gallowglass family and became Gallowglass Hall.[2]

During the Reclamation Wars, in 1367 DR, Zaranda Star and the Company of Eight attacked both Gallowglass Hall and the nearby Krimmevol Hall in a successful attempt to overthrow the tyrant Julian Gallowglass.[2]

Zaranda Star used her own fortunes as an adventuress to restore Faertarn. The castle was ready for her coronation as queen in under a year's time. Krimmevol Hall was integrated into the complex (to become the garrison building) at that time.[2]




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