The Fair Seas Festival was a two-day-long festival held in Waterdeep in the last two days of Ches. It marked the end of the Fleetswake festival and encompassed most of the holiday's religious significance.[1][2]


The festival was intended more as a prevention ritual rather than a celebration. It was meant to protect Waterdeep from the wrath of Umberlee.[2]


During the first day of the festival, the main activities were feasts in all of the city's taverns, almost exclusively involving seafood.[1][2]

During both days, City Guard officers and members of both the Guild of Watermen and the Master Mariners' Guild toured the city from tavern to tavern collecting donations for Umberlee. Collection boxes were also placed at large gatherings for the festival and at both guilds' Guildhalls.[1][2]

On the second day, clerics from all temples in the city and members of the sea-related guilds spent the entire day on Deepwater Isle praying and fasting.[2] At dawn and dusk, Deepwater Harbor was decorated with flower petals in homage to Umberlee.[1][2]

At sunset on the second day, all donations were placed in chests and cast into the deepest part of the harbor. The treasure was added to Umberlee's Cache, an enormous treasure pile that was closely guarded by merfolk and surrounded by myth and legend.[1][2]


In the mid‒14th century DR, a temporary structure was built over the waters of Smugglers' Dock in the lower Castle Ward during the holiday. It was used for a feast that Piergeiron, Mirt, and other nobles involved in maritime activities shared with the merfolk inhabitants of Deepwater Harbor.[2]

By the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, it was estimated that the amount of gold donated to Umberlee's Cache had surpassed 2,500,000 gp.[2]




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