The Faithless were mortal souls who died without having chosen a divine patron. This could be because the mortal never worshiped a deity (or rejected outright the worship of any deity), because the mortal's divine patron had died, or because their divine patron had rejected them for whatever reason. A soul who did worship a deity but did not sufficiently uphold the patron's dogma was instead judged False.[citation needed]

A Faithless soul received only one sentence when it reached the City of Judgment on the Fugue Plane to receive its judgment for its afterlife: the Wall of the Faithless.[1] The soul was bound into the wall by a green mold that held the Faithless (and only the Faithless) to the wall.[2] Over time the soul dissolved into the very substance of the wall.[1]

Demons propagated their kind by stealing Faithless souls from the wall and retreating with them back to the Abyss.[3]



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